An update on Novetus' development.

I would like to announce something,

1.2.5 will be the last major feature update to come to Novetus. 
Bugfixes and content packs will still be released but not much else.

I believe that Novetus has plenty of features, so many that there's no point to adding more.

Another thing is that more tutorials will come on the Novetus Wiki, 
and all my Roblox repos, including RBXLegacy and Novetus, 
will be under a new licence. As long as you give credit to me, 
you can use the code as you wish. 

All of this will take effect after 1.2.5's release.

Note: this doesn't mean development has ended. It just has slowed down.

I know i have said this multiple times, but I feel like it's a good point now to do this.

Also, check out the new snapshot. There are some fixes towards getting stuff like online clothing working again. Although as of right now you can only load up image assets and not normal cloth assets.


Novetus (Unstable, Beta/Snapshot/Pre-Release) 719 MB
Version 1.2.5 Snapshot (7566.30412.1) Sep 18, 2020

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im going to make a addon for novetus for minigames



I'll also add that this wasn't caused by the asset id controversy. Novetus will continue to thrive due to it's localized nature