1.3 v8.2022.1

1.3 v8.2022.1

Changes from 1.3 v2.2022.1:


- If you want to use the new Mod Package Creator for the first time, make sure to use a clean, unmodified Novetus install. Any installed mods before this update will not show up in the Mod Package Creator if you install this update on top of a previous Novetus version.

- Add the list.php and delist.php files to your master server if you would like to support future 1.3 versions. 

- The query.php file is now deprecated, but it is still under the original GPL v3 license. Do NOT expect any updates for it.


- Novetus will now switch to the Extended style by default under Wine due to the lack of proper WPF support.

- Logs are now stored in the "logs" directory.

- Removed the Novetus Asset Redirect due to the hosting provider taking it down.

- Removed the "Show Item Types" option from the Asset Fixer as it was deprecated by the Item SDK.

- Added better Asset Fixer error handling.

- The Asset Fixer will now show up as "ASSETFIX" in the logs if there is an error.

- Every client now has support for custom addon scripts!

- Addon scripts can extend Novetus functionality with the Novetus Scripting API, or just be basic scripts 

- Add addon scripts to the addons folder. Add them to addons/core/AddonLoader.lua for your addons to load properly.

- Client side scripts are unsupported due to security issues. Scripts will only execute serverside, or in Play Solo and/or Studio modes.

- The old -script command line argument in NovetusCMD and the ClientScript variable %addonscriptpath% have both been removed to support this.

- Look in the addons/Addon_Template.lua file for more info on how to create your addon script!

- Addon Scripts that are pre-installed and loaded:

- Utils - Prints the name of the currently running client and script in a Lighting object.

- ShadersCompatibility - Allows 2007E, 2007M, 2006S and 2009E to connect to servers running alternate versions (Shaders, HD, etc) and vice versa.

- ServerWhitelist - Makes it so users' tripcodes have to be added to a whitelist before joining a server. Disabled by default.

- 2008M no longer uses OpenGL Legacy as the default graphics mode.

- The Asset Fixer and Legacy Place Converter will now show errors when loading a binary format place/model.

- The Legacy Place Converter now can load RBXMX, RBXL, and RBXM file types.

- The Asset SDK is now split up into 3 utilities:

- Mesh Converter

- Asset Fixer

- Asset Downloader

- The Asset Downloader's batch feature now shows the overall size of all items downloaded at the end of the download.

- Addon Packages are now renamed to Mod Packages to make differentiating them from Addon Scripts easier.

- Added the Mod Package Creator! Create compressed .zip files of new items, maps, and more and share them with the community!

- This adds a new file list file that gets created upon initial launcher bootup. Use the -nofilelist command line option to disable the launcher's file list creation if Novetus takes a while to load initially (will make the Mod Package Creator basically unusable).

- Made Master Server ping messages more verbose.

- Improved the stability of master server pings.

- The Master Server has been split into 2 files: list.php and delist.php

- Backwards compatibility has been added for master servers only using query.php. Master Server owners should still move to the new list/delist.php system for optimal security.

- Each server now has a randomly generated ID that is only visible to the server host (in the console) and the master server host (in serverlist.txt)

- IDs will become visible in the Console in some Novetus launcher styles and NovetusCMD.


- Made the initial Asset Fixer "Unable to fix the asset." error message more descriptive.

- Rewrote the Asset Fixer, fixing many issues with downloading place assets and accessibility.

- The Asset Fixer now doesn't override the URL of items when an error is brought up.

- Fixed 2010L server joining not working.

- Fixed 2007E based clients not loading all customized parts properly.

- Fixed master server pings making the launcher/CMD unresponsive.

- Rise of the Killbots: Fixed bullets not disappearing after a specified amount of time, causing soem optimization issues (https://itch.io/t/2277693/issues-with-bullets-in-rise-of-killbots)


Novetus (Stable) 742 MB
Version 1.3 v8.2022.1 Aug 12, 2022
Novetus (Stable, Lite) 368 MB
Version 1.3 v8.2022.1 (Lite) Aug 12, 2022
Novetus (Unstable, Beta/Snapshot/Pre-Release) 719 MB
Version 1.3 Snapshot v22.8253.19867.1 Aug 06, 2022

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this revive is really good plz give more update to make this better and popular tooo

Add a feature where you can put the ID Game from the old roblox games so you can play it through novetus!

I don't think that is possible then.