IMPORTANT UPDATE (1.2.5 Snapshot (7510.14630.1))

I normally don't promote snapshot releases, but this is an exception. As of today or yesterday, Roblox has begun converting all texture files on its servers from jpg/png to ktx. As a result, this has broke many old roblox clients. A patch has been applied to all clients affected (2007 didn't need one lol) and it is available in the latest 1.2.5 Snapshot. If you want online clothing and online assets to work properly, you MUST upgrade to this patch. 

1.2.5 Snapshot (7510.14630.1)
- Localized multiple places in response to the UserAgent change.
- Applied the UserAgent fix to all clients and the Asset Localizer.
- Fixed an error that would appear if you searched for an invalid map.

The patch has been released to A lite version will not be made, as this is a snapshot, although I would advise waiting for 1.2.5 if you really need a lite version.


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Version 1.2.5 Snapshot (7510.14630.1) 67 days ago

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