1.2.4 and

- Novetus will create a Roblox directory in appdata if one doesn't exist.
1.2.4 ( was released as another 1.2.3 >:( )
- Novetus will now save graphics settings directly to the Roblox client configuration file.
- Each client now has its own configuration file, which you can edit to your liking.
- Added a new Automatic option for the default graphics mode and quality. If you wish to disable graphical options, this is the way to go.
- 2009L, 2010L, and 2011E are forced to launch in Automatic graphics mode due to a crash under DirectX.
- Fixed a bug where the UPnP checkbox does not switch on when restarting the launcher after enabling UPnP.
- Novetus will now automatically restart whenever the UPnP or Discord Presence option changes.
- The Client SDK will now start a new Clientinfo upon launching or when a locked client has been loaded.
- Added 1 more splash.


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